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Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing problems in the IT sector. Public platforms are prone to cyber-attacks. In other words, cybersecurity is the protection of digital networks and data from theft by hackers. These hackers might steal your data and leave the network corrupted or damaged. The software and sometimes the hardware can also get affected.

Why is cybersecurity essential?

Cybercrime not just a threat to large companies but also small industries; it was estimated that in the year 2018, they suffered a loss of $118,000 in the US alone. This affects the security of the organizations as well as our confidence to rely on them. The IT sector each year loses most of its fortune to cyber-attacks and data breaches. In the year 2018, it was estimated that the big multi-million corporations lost $1.3 million dollars in the US alone. It increases each day, economists have made an estimate that by the year 2021, and the cybercrime will hit $6 trillion dollars.

Why should you prefer a career in cybersecurity?

The cybersecurity sector is one of the fastest-growing industries globally, and you get the highest pay packages as a cybersecurity professional. We are currently witnessing rapid growth in cybersecurity services and applications. There are thousands of big cybersecurity organizations that are looking to hire skilled and efficient cybersecurity professionals.

The CISSP certification or the Certified Information Systems Security Professional is the best certification in the field of cybersecurity. It is provided by ISC 2 and is preferred by many individuals and organizations around the world.

What are the objectives of the CISSP certification?

Here are the main learning objectives of the CISSP.

  • Defining the architecture, management, and upkeep of security in an organization.
  • Learning the relevant skills to get qualified as a CISSP certified professional.
  • Getting acquainted with the eight domains of CISSP.
  • Developing efficient software for cybersecurity systems.
  • Learning to optimize security systems and upgrading them.


What are the domains of the CISSP?                          

There are eight domains of the CISSP.

  • Managing security and risk in a cyber-system
  • Asset security of the organization
  • Managing the architecture of security networks
  • Communications and information security
  • Introduction to identity and access management
  • Security assessment and testing of infrastructure
  • Handling security operations
  • Overlooking software development security

The CISSP Exam

You need to clear the exam to be able to get the CISSP certification. The exam consists of 100 to 150 questions that you have to answer within 3 hours. The questions are based on cybersecurity and its allied principles.

Prerequisites of the CISSP exam

  • Five years of experience in 2 or more domains of the CISSP Common Book of Knowledge.
  • A bachelor’s degree with a 4-years course. The subject must be from the CISSP list of approved study courses.
  • If you don’t have the necessary experience, you can appear for the basic exam and then learn for five years after which, you will get the CISSP certification.

What are the advantages of getting a CISSP certification?

  1. Enables you to face security-related challenges:

Studying cybersecurity enables you to the knowledge of a cybersecuritycriminal, the professionals learn how they think and what tools they use to hamper the networks. These certifications allow the professional to gain knowledge and counter security-related threats.

  1. Upgrades your skills:

CISSP enables you to widen your knowledge of the networking framework and security field. You improve your knowledge and can develop software and hardware, which can prevent any form of threat.

  1. Hike in salary and greater job opportunities:

With knowledge and skills, you can have demand in the market for yourself while also having a six-figure paycheck. According to research, unemployment was missing in the security sector in the year 2016, while a chief security officer earned between $135,000 to $258,000.

  1. You can follow the latest security trends:

Being ahead of the technical developments and studying them is the most interesting part of a security expert, you are allowed to test and improve products for the customers.

  1. It is recognized all over the world:

The degrees and certifications are considered as the benchmark and standard in all IT firms. These are globally accepted as these certificates come from certain globally regulated institutions.

  1. You can understand complicated networks:

As you learn more and more, your knowledge and understanding of the digital networks improve. This allows you to understand the networks better anyone in the field. You are enabled specialized tools to help fix and fortify the networks from unwanted threats.

All these factors make CISSP really advantageous. You should opt for this certification to start a career in cybersecurity.



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