Latest On Jacob Via Fancast

Have we seen the last of Mark Pellegrino on ‘Lost,’ since Ben murdered Jacob in the finale? – Sonya
Given ‘Lost’s propensity for playing with time and space (and our brains!), I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that yes, we do see Jacob in Tuesday’s two-hour season opener. But as for him being murdered, you may want to instead think of it as “assisted suicide.” Given how Jacob taunted Ben with that rude and dismissive “What about you?” line just moments before getting knifed, “He rather begs for his own death,” posits Michael Emerson. Hmm, could it have been the Man in White’s plan to die and in doing so present an even greater roadblock to “UnLocke”? “Jacob’s agenda is more complicated than we can know,” Emerson says. “It’s certainly not as simple as we thought.”

Source: Fancast